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some weird blaberring...

11 October 1989
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Who exactly is this kid...

I would like to say that I’m intelligent, ambitious, goal oriented, open minded, and a peoples person. I can get along and make friends with anyone, no matter what ethnical or religious background. I don’t judge and or assume things. I continue to try to be different from other people, not because I want attention, nor do I believe that I am better than anyone. On this journey through life I just want to be an individual, I want to be set apart from the mainstream, and against the norm. I want to be known for my personality, and who I really am, rather than what I look like or dress. I rather be hated for who I am then loved for who I am not. I dislike the idea of following a lifestyle or a label. I'm not conventional and I’m proud of that. I try to be realistic, that is very difficult, because at times, being realistic forces me to be very optimistic and pessimistic. I always challenge ideas, I never settle. My goal in life is to become Self-Actualized which means to be spontaneous, to have a sense of humor, to accept others as well as myself, to be be problem centered, and to enjoy solitude. I'm a guy who looks for a meaningful relationship. I love love. Love is everything. I'm the guy who rather hold your hand. I like movie night, instead of going out to party. It's probably because I'm lame. I don't mind holding your purse while you try on new clothes. I'm the type of guy who will stand in a long line just to buy your tampons. I'm the guy who plans picnics. The guy who wants to be the first person you speak to in the morning and the last person you talk to before you go to sleep. I just strive for a good conversation with and individual that’s worth it. I'm the guy who still writes love letters. The guy who leaves you flowers on your doorstep. I'm the guy who actually wants to meet your family. I'm the guy who notices the little things, like new perfume, when you change your nail polish, or when you cut your hair. I'm the guy who treats a girl the same in front of my friends as when we're alone. I'm the guy who'll drive to your house at any time just to see you for 5 minutes. I'm the guy who'll sing you your favorite song no matter how bad my voice is. I'm not the guy who makes her pay for her own movie ticket. I'm not the guy who will send a girl a text message at 1 AM asking if she "wants to fuck". I'm not afraid of the random silent moments. I like keeping a conversation flowing easily. I'm the guy who can't "just hookup" because I have feelings too. I'm the guy who admits he has feelings. I honestly really want to listen and understand what she's talking about. I'm the guy who believes in happily ever after. Maybe I'm foolish or naive, or a hopeless romantic. I'm confident enough to dance with you in public, and brave enough to admit when I'm wrong.

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