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09 July 2009 @ 03:14 am
New Journal  
Hi guys! So I won't be posting here anymore, something I just don't like about this account. Perhaps its the name.. sounds like a name a 13 year old kid who loves G-Unit would have. Anyway.. also got it to kinda.. filter my friends list. I noticed when I stopped coming to LJ it was because a lot of the people I never talked to and such so it was kind of like clogged space. The people who I've added already know who they are. I love reading your guys' journals the most and feel I connect with you in one way or another. Not to say I don't enjoy everyone's journal, jsut more than others :D. If I didn't add you don't worry... just message me here or on my new account... http://crappy-patty.livejournal.com/ and I'll most likely add you back :).


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