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04 April 2009 @ 04:57 pm
success  and  fairyminuswings !!!

I hope you two have good ones! 8)

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31 March 2009 @ 12:00 am
So I think I'm getting closer with Daniel's roommate (not in that way...). He's in two classes on mine we we talk and see each other more often. I thought he was a douche bag at first but after getting to know him he's not too bad. I was more of the impression he first gave off to me. It was sort of like a "I'm the big bad boss" type of ordeal. We have a lot in common and such and feel the same on a lot of subjects, dood is pretty cool.

Speaking of which, next semester Daniel, Jason, James (Daniel's roommate), and I are planning on getting a 4 bedroom condo. It's 1200 a month so its 300 spilts 4 days (not including utilities but we'll work that out). It's so much cheaper than living on campus, and its right next to it too. On top of that.. its like 390839083 times more the space, 2 bathrooms, MY OWN ROOM, and a kitchen. Here at this dorm I have NO space at all.. share 1 bathroom with 4 guys (roommate + 2 suite mates), have to share the kitchen with the whole floor (which I don't like) and share the same room with my roommate. And I pay about 1500 (or maybe 2000) a year for this SHIT (literally). I was going to live in San Pablo (the dorms daniel is currently staying in) and that's going to be about 6000 for next year. That's about 2400 more I would pay if I don't move into that condo. So hopefully it'll work out. Either I can get a job now/when we move in or I can save up all the money that I get working this summer. EIther way, I want to move into that place. Just thinking of it.. my own damn room.. ahh so nice! Then I don't have to worry about my roommate waking up when I'm playing games at night (okay.. sorry for the little nerdness there)

Things have been surprisingly nice lately. I'm still without a bike.. and honestly it's really hard. I was about 5-10 mins late to a lot of my classes (most of schedule was set close so I could be done with school quick by having classes next to each other. I would make it to classes in about 4 mins biking what takes me about 15-20 walking) at first, but I'm leaving a bit earlier so I'm getting there on time. I can't really go anywhere cause a lot of the people i know or the things i do involve me getting around on a bike (shucks). The work load has been a lot but nothing I can't handle. I feel it's a good balance. And the weather is so nice. About 90 today with clear skys and a nice cool night.

Ahh bio lab in the morning though.. I have to get up extra early to go print my english paper, buy a folder, and print my bio homework. I should go to bed! Which I think I will!

Have a good tomorrow people!~<3:)
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Blargh! Every job requires previous something experience I don't have! It's like the work and volunteer work that I've done I did for nothing. :(
It feels like that one commercial "I can't a job because I have no skills.. I have no skills because...." Minus the I didn't go to school part hah.

Time to clean, woo.
28 March 2009 @ 09:58 pm
Woo Earth Hour was today! I pretty much do it every day but I think it's amazing how much awareness it's bringing to Global Warming. A few of my friends are telling me they don't notice and it's not doing anything but they're wrong. I'm noticing not just on campus but all around the city so many more recycling bins, more people at the recycling place, and more lights are turned off during the day and night. It's amazing how much people are paying more attention to this and it makes me happy.

Woo go people!
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25 March 2009 @ 01:11 am
When I read through people journal and here shit that happening to them and I look back at my post, I just go "What the fuck am I bitching about?". Some of you guys are going through some crazy stuff. Those of you who are I hope you make it through. wontbreakme I'll pray for Bobby and hope that he'll have a safe return to you! I've lost a lot of friend over there and it's tough not being able to talk to 'em.
But sorry, sorry about the faggish post complaining about stupid shit. I promise I'll post happier stuff and leave the crap outta here!

I had my Calc III test today, which I think I anally raped. I went in there, and destroyed that sucked in 25 minutes. That's including going back and looking over my work. I was so focused, it felt good. I think it was the first really good test I've taken since the year started. My BIO and Digital Design test kicked my ass though. 50 and a 38.4 :/. I really feel like I'm going to finish off the year strong, I think the math test really boosted my confidence. Currently my grades are looking like: A/high B in English, A/high B in Java class, B in Math, D in Digital Design, and an F (almost a D) in BIO. It's been really hard to juggle everything, 16 credits are a bitch. Last semester I hope 9 and it was so much smooth. I need to just make more time in my schedule. Every weekend I want to read for BIO. I'm going to go in with Haley this weekend and talk to the professor for some studying tips. I think the teacher is going to curve the grade to an 85 (being an A). I really hope so. That way IF i got a D, it'd be a C. Hopefully I can get a C and that would curve to a B. My Digital Design grade should raise rapidly because the test right now outweigh everything else we've done. It'll balance out and I'm aiming for a C. By the end of the year I hope my grades look like English A, Java B, Math B, Digital Design C, and BIO C (at minimum).

So I'm pretty much over the fact my bike got stolen. It's gone and there's not much I can do about it. I filed a police report cause you never know. I'm keeping an eye out though for bike racks around campus and maybe I might spot it. Some people are such douchebags, I wish this world never had scums like that. Getting off on other people's loses. Whatever that's life. I've already started looking for another one. My parents might help me out since they're getting their taxes done this week, but bills are more important so I don't blame them if they don't. REI is having a close-out sale on some bikes. Pretty nice and cheap, but I really want a road bike. There aren't many on their and the ones there are are really expensive. The cheapest one was 628 or so but I really didn't like the colors. There is also a 20% sale on all items for REI members. There was a nice bike that I saw which I'm trying to get. It'll be about 600.

Bike pic.Collapse )

It might be awhile before I get it but we'll see what happens tomorrow. I sent my mom an e-mail about it. If I do get one though, I think I'm just going to put the bike in my room. Fuck those bike racks. The only problem is there is no room in the room for a bike, so I'm going to talk to my rommate about it. Hopefully he won't care and we can make some space or something.

I'm not sure if I'm going to Killswitch and Disturbed anymore. Daniel said he was going to buy the tickets but he never told me if he got em. I might just buy my own who knows. I want to try to go to the botantical garden this weekend but I have no way to getting there. Losing my bike was like getting my car stolen :(. Hopefully I can figure this all out.

Anywhoo, if you made it through this post... salute! lol

Oh, and Streetlight Manifesto is sick... I forget how awesome ska music is when I don't listen to it.

22 March 2009 @ 06:59 pm
Someone stole my fucking bike. I have the lock, which is a metal fucking lock (50 dollars, not a cheap slingy one) which is cut in half. I really feel like causing much pain to something. I'm so pissed I'm shaking. I wish my roommate would know how pissed I was.

I really, really, really want to fucking killing something.

Oh my fucking god...

21 March 2009 @ 09:30 pm
So after some venting about shit with Daniel, working on my English paper, and a good nap I'm cooled now. I actually think it's kind of funny. It's just ridiculous that this mouse has stopped working twice (this next one will be my third) withing 3 months. Both time it was the left click button. I'm really neglecting to get another one because it actually IS the best mouse (gaming one at least) that I've used for its price. Oh well... I hopefully I'm getting a new one by Monday/Tuesday or if I can replace this one it doesn't take a whole two weeks.

Star Wars VI on Spike T.V., Hell yeah.
21 March 2009 @ 03:06 pm
Fucking FUCK... My Mouse and Keyboard aren't working.. A FUCKING GAIN. this is the 2nd time I'm going to return them. Fucking ruined my day. Fuck fuck fuck.
20 March 2009 @ 03:56 pm
Even more good news to kill the 50 I just got on my Bio test, I'm going to Music As A Weapon next week which Killswitch Engage and Disturbed will be playing, woo!
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20 March 2009 @ 02:18 pm
50 on my Bio exam. I had at 62 in that class.. well on my way to a 70 now I have a 58 again. Fuck fuck fuck... ahh FML.. no no no.. FMB (Fuck my Biology...)

Oh well, nothing will ruin this great weekend!
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